Suncrest Camp is a small but effective youth camp affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance located at: 1126 Ochs Road, Rochester PA 15074. The camp was founded in 1954 under the premise that it would be used to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and see lives impacted for him. Decades later the camp is still effectively spreading the Truth of the Kingdom in Western PA to our area youth.

Suncrest is different in many aspects. It’s not so much about the facilities, but the people. Suncrest is a community of people who come out to camp for the four summer camps (and various retreats throughout the year) and give 100% holding nothing back. The directors and counselors are creative and loving, obsessed with furthering the Kingdom.
If you have any further questions about the camp please feel free to check out our FAQ section or contact Aaron Gilmore: call or text 412-206-9139, email air7386@yahoo.com.


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